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Embark on an unprecedented journey with Biomics, an innovative AI platform that's reshaping the biomarker discovery landscape.

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Our platform is a comprehensive hub for machine learning and statistical analysis of omics data. With our cutting-edge technology and professional AI services, we accelerate your research and fuel the development of clinical-grade products.

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From data optimization to publication assistance, our suite of services will enhance your biodiscovery process, just a click away.

Harness the Power of Your Data

Biomics empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data. Our cloud-powered direct analysis, featuring intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, enables parallelizable analyses, delivering publication-ready results in less than 24 hours.

Cloud computation

Cloud computation

Biomics offers powerful cloud computation. You will focus on the experiments, not on the resources to allocate

Multi Omic integration

From clinical to metabolomics, Biomics is capable of analyzing multiple omics at the same time. Learn the specificities of each one and combine them to enhance clinical modelizations.

Gold standard statistical tests

Biomics is powered by familiar univariate frameworks to get the most valuable insights in no time.

Collaborate, Customize & Control


Customizable analysis pipelines

Biomics offers a shared workspace for real-time, seamless communication with your team, including data sharing and discussions about scientific findings and insights.


Open-source algorithm code

Biomics offers a shared workspace for real-time, seamless communication with your team, including data sharing and discussions about scientific findings and insights.


Collaborative workspace

Biomics offers a shared workspace for real-time, seamless communication with your team, including data sharing and discussions about scientific findings and insights.

Experience the STABL breakthrough

Biomics is home to STABL, our proprietary machine learning framework. STABL integrates biomarker discovery with multivariate predictive modeling of outcomes, identifying a sparse and dependable set of biomarkers. STABL is not just an algorithm; it's a revolution in biomarker discovery.

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STABL Features

  • Selected features
  • Artificial features
  • Noisy features
  • Biomarkers selected


  • Threshold Impact

    Optimal threshold

  • 0
  • 20
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 100

Cutting-edge technology with personalized expert support

Biomics simplifies biomarker discovery with an easy-to-use platform and personalized expert support. Our platform offers customizable tools and guidance from data science and biostatistics experts, ensuring researchers at all career stages can achieve their research goals effortlessly.

Data Optimization

Data Optimization

From preprocessing and cleaning to clinical outcome and features engineering, we ensure your data is primed for analysis.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Tailor your experience with customizable pipelines, tailored statistical and machine learning methods, and further modeling based on your results.

Publication Assistance

Publication Assistance

We can assist you in crafting the methods and results sections to help you gain a deeper understanding of your results and to meticulously proofread your methods, ensuring their validity.

What our users say

Biomics has been an exciting tool for me, providing greater independence and quick access to predictive and biomarker discovery models like Stabl... Biomics is fulfilling a need that is definitely there.

Jakob Einhaus

MD Postdoctoral fellow

What we’re working on

We value users' feedbacks and consistently incorporate them to tailor Biomics according to your needs.

Phase 1

Reimagining the analysis workflow

  • Revamp the analysis workflow to center it around a model that enables insightful comparisons between machine learning models.

  • Develop a dedicated module for model comparison, allowing researchers to evaluate and select the most suitable model.

  • Enhance the platform with visualizations and interpretability tools for deeper insights into model predictions.

Phase 2

Pre-processing Data

  • Integrate well-known pre-processing pipelines into Biomics, automating and streamlining data preparation.

  • Enable customization of pre-processing steps based on specific data requirements.

  • Implement quality control and data validation mechanisms to ensure reliable and accurate pre-processed data.

Phase 3

Model Deployment and Inference

  • Create a module for researchers to deploy their trained machine learning models within Biomics.

  • Enable real-life testing and validation of deployed models.

  • Integrate functionality for users to generate predictions and perform inference on new, unseen data.


Choose your path to discovery

Biomics aims at helping all researchers. Find the plan that best fits you or contact us if you need custom advice or features.

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